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Magnetic MRO Develops App for Cabin Damage Logging

Interior Inspector allows cabin crew and mechanics to digitally log data about damage in passenger cabins.

Magnetic MRO is looking to streamline the process of logging aircraft cabin damage by developing a new application called Interior Inspector. The mobile application enables cabin crew and maintenance teams to log and share data about damage in the passenger cabin on smartphones, tablets or computers. 

“During interior inspections for our customers, we quickly understood that pen and paper is not the way to go,” explains Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv, interior project manager at Magnetic MRO. The Estonian MRO provider has been working toward going completely paperless since 2015, implementing digital aircraft maintenance work orders late last year.

According to Kruuv, development of Interior Inspector centered on creating a simple, flexible system that could work with individual customer requirements. “We need a tool that connects found damages and pictures or notes taken on a specific location, and combines that in a user-friendly system that would only need a short tutorial to be used,” he says.

So far, Kruuv says Interior Inspector has mostly been used for minor damages such as pen marks, worn placards, small stains and broken seat recliners—all of which can be easily fixed during overnight stays. To help its developers further improve the application, Magnetic MRO is introducing Interior Inspector to customers as a service and will collect data on how it is used by commercial airlines.

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