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The MRO Lab Creates 787 Operators Portal

Boeing 787 operator customers of AFI-KLM E&M will test proof-of-concept site in Singapore on Nov. 2.

SINGAPORE—AFI-KLM E&M’s MRO Lab in Singapore has developed a portal for its Boeing 787 customers to interact about MRO issues. The 787 Operators Community site, which is live but still in prototype phase, was created in response to  a request from customers at the MRO provider’s second annual 787 operators conference in May to develop a community that could enable operators to exchange experiences and best practices throughout the year.

A group of AFI-KLM E&M customers who operate 787s  will test the 787 Operators Community site and brainstorm what the next iteration will be on Thursday, Nov. 2 at the MRO Lab Singapore, says Mathieu Gimenez, an innovator and AFI-KLM E&M delegate at the lab.

The  AFI-KLM E&M MRO Lab is the general program designed to harness innovation developed through its network of affiliates to optimize maintenance and identify issues and opportunities.

Currently, the 787 Operators Community includes features from operational reporting for components to reliability indicators, information on warranty-related topics, event-planning and webinars.

Part of this innovation program, the MRO Lab Singapore, in partnership with Ramco, developed the 787 Operators Community in just one month in September. “That’s a good example of how our Singapore lab can work,” says Gimenez, because “the power of the innovation lab is that we’re agile” and develop things fast.

The MRO Lab iSingapore, which launched in February 2015, employs seven developers and three product owners, who are staff that work with the businesses to develop solutions. This group includes people from the Philippines, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore and France.

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