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New Customers, Approvals and Functionality for dentCHECK

The hand-held 3D inspection tool has just been adopted by DHL Express and will feature new functionality in early 2019.

Logistics leader DHL Express has adopted 8tree’s hand-held dentCHECK tool for dent mapping within its fleet. This latest customer win follows recent advancements for the inspection technology in terms of regulatory acceptance and new functionality.

dentCHECK features a completely wireless 3D scanner tool integrated with augmented reality that can analyze surface deformation problems. According to 8tree, the technology can reduce inspection and reporting time by up to 90% compared to traditional manual methods using depth-gauges and calipers.

“We decided on dentCHECK because of the great efficiency gains it can deliver to a busy MRO operation such as ours,” says Ralf Noether, director maintenance of European Air Transport Leipzig, a division of DHL Express. “The one-button operation and instant ‘go/no-go’ answers empower our technicians to confidently make decisions on-the-spot, thereby improving aircraft turn-around-time.”

8tree says the technology’s adoption by global airlines and MROs has been propelled due to its acceptance by multiple OEMs within the last two years. Airbus has published multiple approvals of dentCHECK in its Tool Equipment Manuals for dent-mapping on metallic aero-structures and composite cabin floorboards. According to 8tree, another major aircraft OEM has published a Service Letter recognizing the use of 3D scanning tools such as dentCHECK for dent-mapping on all of its commercial aircraft family types.

The company is now looking into advancing functionality for dentCHECK. 8tree demonstrated new features in private one-on-one customer meetings at MRO Asia-Pacific earlier this month. Although the company is not yet prepared to discuss specifics about the new capabilities, it plans to formally announce one at MRO Middle East in Dubai, Feb. 10-12, 2019. It will announce—as well as display—another new capability at MRO Americas in Atlanta, April 9-11, 2019.

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