PMAT XS Teledyne Controls

Teledyne Releases Smaller Portable Dataloader With Enhanced Security

Compared to its predecessor, the new dataloader features a more lightweight design, enhanced data security and a variety of power and connection options.

Teledyne Controls has launched a new rugged, portable dataloader that features enhanced data security and a smaller, more lightweight design compared to its predecessor. The company says the PMAT XS is 60% smaller and lighter than the PMAT 2000, which will be phased out as the PMAT XS is introduced.

The new portable maintenance access terminal integrates with ground management systems to provide automatic distribution of software parts and secure application updates for avionics systems to ensure compliance. The PMAT XS can be used for uploading a variety of software and updates, including navigation databases for flight management systems, aircraft condition monitoring software for flight data acquisition systems, and operational software and program configurations for avionics systems. Additionally, the PMAT XS can be used to download engine FADEC data from modern LEAP engines.

According to Teledyne, the PMAT XS ensures data is not compromised during loading by being “built from the ground up for security” and fully compliant with industry security standards. The dataloader stores all software parts and downloaded data in an encrypted “vault,” checks digital signatures during import/loading and physically disconnects from ground networks while the aircraft is being loaded.

The dataloader can connect with Teledyne’s optional LoadStar Server Enterprise (LSE) network distribution software to update its internal software parts library, which is offered as a hosted service from the company or installed on premise at an airline. It can emulate a USB stick to perform ARINC 615-4 and 615A-3 loading of software parts on eEnabled aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and A220. The PMAT XS also can be updated via ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular networks and provide local import, storage and management of software parts and crates for customers who do not opt for the LSE software.

In addition to multiple options for data loading, the PMAT XS features battery, aircraft and ground power options, which Teledyne says enables flexibility for ground crews to load software anywhere at any time. The dataloader’s docking station charges the PMAT XS’s battery in the cradle and can automatically connect to LSE software update the software parts library. 

The PMAT XS comes standard with a dataloader kit that includes the dataloader and its software, the docking cradle and power supply, an ARINC 615-615A loading cable, a USB stick emulator cable and a carrying case. Teledyne says the kit price is “very competitive with competing products.”

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