Rochem Aviation and Alpha Bravo execs sign contract at ap&m 2017 Michael Norman/Aviation Week Network

Alpha Bravo Expands Into Engine Washing With Rochem System

The U.K. service provider is expanding its capabilities by partnering with Rochem Aviation’s to become first mobile service provider.

LONDON--Alpha Bravo Aero Solutions, which provides aircraft deicing and cleaning services, is expanding into engine washes through a partnership it forged with Rochem Aviation. On June 1, it signed an agreement with Rochem to lease one if its Ro-Jet-Wash systems at ap&m.

This marks “our first mobile services in the world,” says Steven Jones, Rochem’s president.

Alpha Bravo will base the jet engine washing system at London Gatwick and could expand the service per customer demand, says Richard Gross, the company’s managing director.

Like other systems, the engine wash system is designed to improve engine gas temperature margins and improve fuel efficiency (Ro-Jet-Wash is designed to reduce fuel burn 1-1.5% per year). Unique features of Rochem’s system are that it doesn’t attach to the aircraft and it uses a patented atomizing system so less water is needed, says Jones.

Rochem, which received a U.S. patent for its jet wash system technology on Sept.  7, 2016, has sold its systems to Americana Airlines, Spirit and Icelandair so far, says Jones.

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