LEAP-1B engine stand EngineStands24

EngineStands24 Expands Offerings

Magnetic MRO’s e-store for engine stand leases and trading will add products for LEAP, CF34, PW and Trent engines.

EngineStands24, Magnetic MRO’s e-store for engine stands lease and trading, is expanding its product offerings to accommodate more engine types. The company has signed an agreement with Rhinestahl CTS to add its LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B engine stands to the e-store’s product lineup. In addition, EngineStands24 is preparing to add stands for CF34-8, CF34-10, PW and Trent engines.

According to Daiva Zemaite, head of EngineStands24, the new additions will add value for the company’s clients and partners, which include major airlines such as Primera and SmartLynx as well as leasing companies such as AerCap. “Proving our convenient and efficient operational methods, it is only an organic step to expand our portfolio as well as our partnerships with industry leaders,” says Zemaite. 

The decision to devote an online platform specifically to engine stands came about from rethinking how engine stand leases and returns were conducted, according to Zemaite. “We noticed that there is quite a chaos when somebody starts searching for a stand,” she explains. “This platform was created to minimize the time and effort for clients so they could get the right type of stand in a right place at the right time. We also thought it would be very convenient to provide customers with a possibility to book a stand in advance to dedicate more time to bigger deals, [rather] than searching and searching for a stand.”

Through the EngineStands24 e-platform, customers receive immediate quotation and lead time on engine stand trades or leases. Customers then enter requested data before receiving a loan agreement, shipping invoice, and—if relevant—pro-forma invoice. Zemaite says this enables customers to save time and secure an engine stand for a particular date.

The new LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B engine stands will become available for immediate leasing opportunities via EngineStands24 as of mid-July. Although the company did not share information about specific engine stand manufacturers it is considering for CF34-8 CF34-10, PW and Trent engines, it says these products will be added to the pipeline in 2018 and 2019.

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