In the 1st quarter of 2018, the first PW800 fan cases will leave the highly efficient assembly production line of FACC. FACC

FACC To Manufacture Engine Fan Cases For Pratt & Whitney Canada

The reduced weight engine fan cases are FACC's first foray into this product and market segment.

Austrian component specialist FACC has advanced into a new product and market segment with a major order to supply engine fan cases for Pratt & Whitney Canada PurePower PW800 engines. The engine fan cases, which are being manufactured for the first time by FACC at the company’s Austrian facilities, will be used on a variety of business jets.

“We are constantly searching for new solutions to make aircraft engines even better, stronger, safer and lighter,” says Robert Machtlinger, CEO, FACC. “This is a central prerequisite for being able to permanently sustain our position as a leading technology partner for airplane structures amid worldwide competition, and actively help shape future mobility.”

Manufactured through hybrid metal and composite construction, the fan cases are notable for their reduced weight thanks to innovative construction, according to FACC. While the company did not disclose the final weight reduction, FACC says it anticipates the reduced weight to be significant. According to FACC, essential cost-efficient benefits will be generated through specialized manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art automation, and the combination of process optimization and a global supply chain.

FACC already supplies Pratt & Whitney Canada with a variety of components for various engine families. A spokesperson for FACC says the contract will contribute to a considerable increase in sales for the company’s engine and nacelles division.

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