2019 Engine Yearbook
Lee McConnellogue, SVP Availability Services, Rolls-Royce

Fast 5: Rolls-Royce Starts Engine Change Services

Lee McConnellogue, Rolls-Royce’s senior VP availability services, talks about why the OEM launched Trent XWB engine change services and how its network will support it.

Rolls-Royce recently introduced a Trent XWB engine change service, with HAECO as its launch partner. Will this service primarily be used for unscheduled maintenance?

The service we have just launched is event-based, designed for ad-hoc use as required for either scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Essentially, a one-off engine change that may be completed at any location.

It is the first offering in what will be a wider suite of engine change offerings covering planned maintenance events and AOG support. We plan to launch these additional services this year, aligned to our TotalCare package and accessible through the Rolls-Royce CareStore. 

What was the driver behind launching this service, and what improvements will it provide from how the engines previously were removed? Does it include logistics and shipping, too?

Our ethos is “customer closer,” so we’ve been listening to what our customers have been telling us through all of the forums in which we interact.  A very large proportion of our customers say they would value more integrated services from us.

Traditional MRO companies operate mostly in the provision of appropriately qualified personnel with some elements of parts and tooling. However, Rolls-Royce is ideally positioned, with our OEM knowledge and supply chain expertise, to manage the entire engine change value stream, from fleet planning and spare engines, through to project management and technical support in addition to traditional MRO support.  

Our engine change services will provide the customer with a single interface for service delivery, where currently there are many management and delivery interfaces across multiple internal and external suppliers. Our customers can focus on their operation and customers, while we handle service restoration.

How many Trent XWB engine changes have been done since launching this in November?

We anticipated this initial offering would primarily be used for unscheduled maintenance, so due to the strong performance of the Trent XWB engine, I am pleased to say none! However, we have a very experienced engine change supply chain across the Trent fleet, including the Trent XWB, so we are confident in our capabilities.

Will you add other service partners for the Trent XWB service? If so, when and where?

We see this service and its complimentary offerings having a global footprint and load, therefore we are growing our network of suppliers in line with this. HAECO Hong Kong was selected as the first service provider to support us in delivery due to their long-standing relationship with us and ability to provide established capabilities.

I’m pleased to say that we have recently brought additional suppliers on board for this journey, and we are continuing to expand our supply chain to ensure we have the global reach which satisfies the demand and requirements of our varied customer base. 

When will Rolls-Royce expand the engine change service to other Trent engines? How will that process work?

Looking forward, we are developing the offering to include the Trent 7000, which entered into service in November 2018. The complimentary services I referred to earlier will be available on both the Trent XWB and the Trent 7000.

That won’t be the end of the story--we plan to be at the forefront of on-wing and off-wing engine maintenance through the continued development of our availability services across both the current Trent family and future fleets.

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