Pratt & Whitney Canada Know My PT6 app Lindsay Bjerregaard/Aviation Week

Pratt & Whitney Canada Launches Maintenance App for PT6 Engines

Know My PT6 provides a customized digital portal with maintenance resources and content to better connect Pratt & Whitney with the general aviation community.

OSHKOSH, WI.—Pratt & Whitney Canada has launched a new app that aims to provide PT6 engine customers with a customized digital resource for maintenance recommendations, service resources and content. The company is hoping to help general aviation operators better understand their aircraft’s engine while filling the gap between pilots and the maintainer community on the engine type.

“We were thinking about how we can connect with the 10,000 or so people that fly the PT6 and the thousands of others who work with it and interact with it,” explains John Lewis, director of PT6A customer support, Pratt & Whitney Canada. To create a direct line of communication with customers, Lewis says the company decided to break existing engine information down into “bite sized chunks” that would be searchable, personalized and easy to absorb.

Users of the Know My PT6 app can enter the types of aircraft they work with and the app will populate with customized content relevant to the applicable engine types, including notifications about service bulletins, a newsfeed with how-to articles related to engine maintenance and a mapping feature to help users locate and contact Pratt & Whitney service centers, designated overhaul shops and parts distribution centers. The result, says Lewis, is truly customized, curated content that users can filter so they only receive the most relevant items.

“We think we’ve put together a set of features that will be compelling for people to download the app, use it and gain something from it, but we don’t pretend to know everything,” he says. “This is our first attempt at an app like this, so we really are looking for feedback from the user community so that we can make it better.” The app features a feedback mechanism, which Pratt & Whitney will look to for ideas about future changes and functionality along with a “long running list” of suggestions that came from beta testing.

Although the app differs from Pratt & Whitney’s EngineWise product within the commercial engines market, Lewis says the company’s groups are always looking to learn from each other and that connecting Know My PT6 to engine data for maintenance and monitoring isn’t out of the question down the line. “What we wanted to start with was something that doesn’t require a login or [where] you maintain some kind of account,” he says. “This really is just to try to connect to the community without putting barriers in the way.”

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