Trent 1000 Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Getting Close To Certifying New Trent 1000 Blades

The engine OEM updates progress on Trent 1000 technical issues.

HAMBURG--Managing inspections and technical rectifications on the Trent 1000 has created a bigger demand for MRO capacity than Rolls-Royce had planned, but it has recently added more.

Scott Holland, Rolls-Royce’s marketing executive-Europe, says the OEM has created three times as much capacity the past six months by asking MROs in its network to increase lines for the engine and by doing short hospital-type visits, says Holland, which can include module swapping and limited engine rework.

Rolls is also performing “surgical strikes” as a temporary measure at its service center at London Heathrow, which is not capable of doing extensive maintenance.

“We’ve tried to massage the network to create [more space] to support operators over the short term,” he says.

Holland, speaking at Aviation Week Network’s Aero-Engines Europe, says performing limited workscopes that can be turned around quickly has helped get engines back powering the Boeing 787.

By the end of the year, Rolls expects to receive approval for redesigned intermediate pressure compressor stage 1 and 2 rotor blades, he says.

In April, EASA and FAA issued airworthiness directives to inspect the intermediate compressor of Trent 1000 Package C engines and then followed with ADs in June for the Package B engines.

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