Paul Dolan, Aviation Technical Services COO Aviation Technical Services

Fast 5: European LCC Volotea Switching to A319 Fleet

Volotea accepted its first Airbus A319 from Airbus in March 2016 and plans to become an all-Airbus operator after retiring its Boeing 717s. Aviation Technical Services COO Paul Dolan explains how the MRO is helping Volotea, which services small to mid-sized European cities, integrate A319s into its fleet.

ATS started working with Volotea on the Airbus A319’s introduction in September 2015. What was the initial program objective?

Volotea is the fastest growing low-cost carrier in Europe and needs to add many aircraft to its fleet in the coming years. The A319 is a great aircraft for Volotea’s mission as it provides the opportunity to fly longer routes more efficiently with more passengers. The program objective was to consolidate the technical elements of aircraft transition and integration with ATS, based on our experience in design certification, kitting and complex aircraft transitions.

When did you deliver the first mid-life A319 to Volotea, and how many have you delivered since?

We completed the design, certification and provided the complete kitting necessary for Airbus to deliver the first A319 to Volotea in March 2016. We’ve provided the complete integration kits for the final assembly of six aircraft to date.    

Where did Volotea get the aircraft?

The first aircraft was a mid-life aircraft from a lessor, and it was Phase 1 (144 passengers) of an ATS modification that is now 150 passengers. While Airbus has multiple 150- passenger configurations, the 150-passenger cabin we’ve developed with Volotea gives its customers a few more inches of pitch in each row.

What is ATS’s role in sourcing and managing seats, monuments and other cabin components for the A319?

ATS has assisted with the creation of RFPs, arranged product shows with vendors and vetted first-of-type aircraft systems to ensure compliance for Volotea. 

As Volotea streamlines it fleet and switches to an all-Airbus one in the next few years, is ATS providing any technical services for the transition? 

As Volotea grows, we expect our relationship to grow. We plan on being a partner as the carrier integrates the A319s and working closely with Volotea on strategic projects for its 717 fleet.

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