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GSE Providers Gain Ground

New product lines, customer orders and facility expansions are driving business growth for these GSE providers.

Printed headline: Gaining Ground


1. Growing GSE Globally

Company: Makro Aero

Specifications: Makro Aero provides a portfolio of ground service equipment (GSE) products for line and base maintenance, including jacks, stands and docking platforms. The company will be releasing its first engine transportation stand product in September, and Makro Aero says it has also recently gained traction within the engine and MRO tools segment. Based in Turkey, Makro Aero has delivered 240 access solutions to Turkish Technic’s recently constructed New Istanbul Airport facility. The company says it is working with seven of the 20 largest MROs worldwide, and it is planning to expand its customer base to become a global player in the market.

2. Simplifying Maintenance

Company: Semmco

Specifications: Semmco has been supplying GSE to major airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines and Air Canada for 25 years. The company notes that engineers and maintenance technicians consistently comment on how its GSE products make their jobs easier, safer and more efficient—such as its recently released SMART Charge and SMART Check digital inflators, which make inflating aircraft tires and checking their pressure easier in low-light conditions. Semmco says its nitrogen and oxygen trolley range is particularly popular because of how the trolleys simplify operations, loading/unloading of cylinders and reading of control panels.

3. Newly Expanded Production Capacity

Company: Newbow Aerospace

Specifications: For more than 50 years, UK-based Newbow Aerospace has been designing and manufacturing GSE, including its popular product lines for tire inflation equipment, nitrogen service carts and wheel-change trailers. The company’s global customer portfolio includes airlines, OEMs, MROs and wheel shops. It recently secured orders from a major UK carrier for a large number of customized aircraft-wheel-change trailers and an overseas defense customer for customized gas-service carts. Newbow recently expanded its manufacturing and production facility, doubling its capacity to accommodate its rapidly growing order book.

4. Complete GSE Service Center

Company: Carolina GSE

Specifications: Founded in 2001, Carolina GSE provides global solutions to airlines, MROs, FBOs and other aviation industry customers. In addition to providing complete support for a wide range of GSE product lines such as Eagle, Malabar, JetPorter and DAE, the company says it is also the largest global source for Tronair sales, parts, service, overhaul and rental. Carolina GSE provides replacement parts, MRO, refurbishment and testing for GSE from its main headquarters and sales and support offices in North Carolina and its distribution center in Chicago.

5. High-Tech Tugs

Company: Mototok

Specifications: Germany-based Mototok has been specializing in wireless remote-­controlled towbarless tugs since 2003. Mototok says its high-tech and environmentally friendly products are used by international MROs, airlines, FBOs, OEMs and military customers. The Mototok Spacer 8600—a remote-controlled tug for hangar and pushback operations—was recently adopted by All Nippon Airways to reduce workload, maintenance and fuel costs. Mototok says the tug’s electric drive can position up to 30 ­different aircraft without recharging and increase ­utilization of hangar space by up to 160%.

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