Tronair's Super Bowl assistance efforts Tronair

How Tronair Helped Busy Airport Operations During This Year's Super Bowl

Tronair donated resources and equipment to Minneapolis area airports, including a towbarless vehicle.

This year’s Super Bowl saw more than an estimated one million people traveling to Minneapolis for the big football game. To help move the approximately 700-900 aircraft bringing football fans to and from the city, Tronair pitched in with its portfolio of ground support equipment. The company donated aircraft towing and ground power support equipment to its fixed-base operator (FBO) partners at airports across the Twin Cities, including Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), St. Paul Downtown (STP) and Flying Cloud (FCM) airports.

Among the donated support equipment was Tronair’s new eJP-10, which was recently released in January. The towbarless vehicle was created as a joint design effort by Tronair and its recently acquired brand Eagle Tug to replace the JP100S as Tronair's JetPorter products are transitioned into the Eagle brand. It can move large business class aircraft and features upgraded AC electric motor with higher output and regenerative braking technology. It also comes standard with a digital display for information about vehicle and battery performance, troubleshooting and diagnostics. According to Tronair, the eJP-10 performed very well in the winter weather conditions seen in Minneapolis during the Super Bowl.


To further help with cold and snowy weather on the ground, Tronair donated winter gear to keep workers on the ramp warm. According to vehicle sales manager Patrick Caligiuri, one of Tronair’s team members providing support on the ground, the scale of operations during the Super Bowl was on a completely different playing field. “It was impressive to see first-hand everything that goes into supporting an event like this,” says Caligiuri. “FBOs handle aircraft every day; but a coordinated effort like this, at that large of a scale…you have to see it to believe it. On behalf of our team, it was a privilege to help out.”

According to a spokesperson for Tronair, the company has previously supported a number of efforts for similar large-scale events, including the Special Olympics. He says the company welcomes the opportunity to provide support in the future for large scale events that may come up.

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