Maintenance in the palm of your hands

With innovative MRO solutions offered by Rusada, Ramco, Swiss AS and Commsoft, aviation companies aren’t exactly short of choice when it comes to IT systems for maintenance planning.

And airlines and MRO providers are leaning on such solutions more and more, in a bid to increase operational efficiency, maintenance processes and profit margins.

A trend that is hardly surprising when the features within these platforms can range from planning modules that predict when maintenance tasks and modifications are due, to modules that produce graphical representations of confirmed and planned maintenance visits.

However, such platforms are not limited to maintenance planning but instead target multiple areas of a business, to streamline processes and maximise productivity.

We can see from products like Rusada’s ‘Envision’ software, which is made up of seven comprehensive modules, that customers can improve everything from fleet operations and finance management to quality assurance, among other things.

Similarly, Commsoft’s Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) is an easy to use but sophisticated product that allows the end user to reduce costs by improving workflow, processes and efficiency in many key areas, including inventory control, component and aircraft technical records managment, shop floor data collection and maintenance forecasting.

Something that is common across all of these platforms is the promise of flexibility, to allow customers to pick and choose the modules they wish to adopt, or tailor the system to best suit their needs.

Therefore, when we consider that today’s market is so heavily focused on customisation and flexibility, providers are able to confidentially tick the box for ‘consumer satisfaction’.

With 17,000 end users globally, Ramco is another IT provider that assists its customers when it comes to engineering, maintenance and materials management, and planning. For example, through its ‘In-Memory Planning and Optimisation Algorithm’ it is able to deliver all the tools that a company needs to manage tight turnaround times, by optimising manpower, capacity and equipment utilisation.

Thus as MRO platforms like Envision, OASES and Ramco’s Aviation software offer customers online portals that can manage all of their key business data, the industry is moving closer and closer toward paperless aircraft operations while meeting the forever growing demands of customers.

For a more in-depth analysis of IT platforms for maintenance planning grab a copy of the upcoming February/March issue of Aircraft Technology Engineering and Maintenance magazine.

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