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Latest Products And Services For Aircraft Wheels And Brakes

Aircraft takeoff and landing requires a robust maintenance and overhaul of wheels and brakes. Without a good support system, the operation can fall hazardously flat.

1. Customized Solutions

Company: MGT Aeronautics

Specifications: MGT, with its main location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and another facility in Paris, France, stocks and distributes landing gear, hydraulic components, and wheels and brakes replacement parts mainly for Messier-Bugatti Dowty (Safran Landing Systems). Its customer base mainly consists of global MRO providers and repair stations but can support airlines on an aircraft-on-ground basis. MGT focuses on customized solutions like blanket orders, kitting, competitive pricing and same-day shipping. For 2017, President Olivier Mongenot says he would like MGT to increase the inventory of spare parts available in stock for families of aircraft currently supported, including the Airbus A320 and A3100/A310 and ATR 42/72. He would also like to develop spares capabilities for other programs such as the Airbus A330 and Boeing 737 and 767 as well as increase direct support to airlines and operators.

2. Looking to Physical Expansion

Company: T.T. Repairs

Specifications: T.T. Repairs is an FAA-certified and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)-approved repair station for wheel and brake parts near the Louisville International Airport in Kentucky. It supports all major OEMs, including Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems, Safran Landing Systems, Honeywell and UTC Aerospace Systems. The components are sent to T.T. Repairs for additional repairs, then the parts are returned to customers for completion of the overhaul or repair. Its capabilities include welding, machining, thermal sprays, high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) tungsten carbide repairs, plating and shot peen. Custom tooling fabrication is also available on site. In 2017, T.T. Repairs is adding 16,000 ft.2 to its facility with a newly designed parts-fabrication department and an updated plating line for mass production. It will also look to expand its workforce to include more machinists, welders and engineers. 

3. Increase In In-house Repairs

Company: FL Technics

Specifications: FL Technics provides in-house wheel and brake capabilities to support the Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 NextGen and Classic types. Internationally, partnerships with networks of wheel and brake shops in Europe, North America and Asia allow support of other aircraft types as well. The company provides repairs, logistics and access to FL Technics’ asset pool of spare wheels and brakes under monthly or power-by-the-hour programs. The wheel and brake program will see an increase in in-house repair capacities, further cooperation with OEMs for cost-effective access to materials and customer expansion in Europe and other regions in 2017. 

Credit: FL Technics

4. Component Repairs Hit Milestone

Company: World Aero

Specifications: World Aero, based in the UK, is approved by EASA, the FAA and Transport Canada for wheel and brake maintenance, parts, exchange and inventory management. It services and provides products from Goodrich, Honeywell, Meggitt and Messier-Bugatti Dowty (Safran Landing Systems). For some customers, it offers time and materials repair, a cost-per-aircraft-landing contract or a fixed-price repair structure. In July 2016, World Aero announced its 16,000th component repair since 1999 and saw a 25% increase in its customer database in the six weeks after announcing FAA approval in April. Managing Director Phil Randell, says World Aero would like to increase its brake production in the next year. 

5. Helping Optimize Operations

Company: Inspection Technologies

Specifications: Inspection Technologies, a sister company of World Aero, launched at MRO Asia in 2016. The ISO 9001-approved company offers products and services for MROs to start, expand or optimize aircraft wheel and brake repair and overhaul facilities. The company provides customers with a tailored package including specialist tooling, fixtures that are conceived, designed, manufactured and tested to meet OEM requirements, and equipment to service large, heavy commercial aircraft such as tire bead breakers and hydraulic test stands. Inspection Technologies will also provide critical equipment on short-term lease if a customer experiences equipment failure. 

6. All-Around Support

Company: AAR  

Credit: AAR

Specifications: The wheel and brake services provided by AAR in Miami include full in-house repair capabilities and overhauls for more than 40 types of commercial and military aircraft. The facility houses the machinery, electroplating equipment, systems and personnel for inspection, nondestructive testing, machining, plating, painting and final assembly. The 24-hr. aircraft-on-ground support consists of stock rotables for contract and noncontract customers and quick exchange of brakes, wheels and tires, says Peter Loeb, vice president of gear, wheels and brakes services.

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