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Viking Packing Specialists Launch New Wheel Cover Product

The new design addresses safety concerns and weight limit issues during transport.

Viking Packing Specialist has just released a new wheel cover design, which the company says solves safety concerns and transport issues for aircraft wheel and tire assemblies.

Announced at last week’s MRO Americas, the new wheel cover addresses safety concerns involved with loading wheel and tire assemblies onto aircraft for transport. Instead of needing to be lifted and flipped over, Viking Packing Specialist’s wheel cover can be lifted via forklift.

According to David Weiler, President of Viking Packing Specialist, the new wheel cover also eliminates overloading of an aircraft’s floor. Most Boeing aircraft require no more than 150 lb per sq. ft. on freight floors. “The existing solutions do not spread the load, so the aircraft cargo floors are being overloaded each time a heavy main is shipped,” says Weiler. “This product completely fixes that issue and spreads the load under the Boeing limits for their freight floors.”

Weiler adds that the new wheel cover is unique because it resolves the aforementioned issues while still being lightweight and protecting bearings and internal components. “Our goal is to lead the world into the future with new and innovative designs for the aviation industry. We are proud of our new wheel cover and its ability to solve issues that have consistently affected airlines,” says Weiler.

Viking Packing Specialists is not disclosing specific customers at this time, but says major U.S. airlines are already ordering the new product as of its launch last week.

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