387 Offers High Performance, Wide Applications

ExxonMobil’s Mobil Jet Oil 387 was recently approved for use in United Technologies Aerospace Systems’ Integrated Drive Generators (IDGs). Because 387 has also been approved for turbine engines produced by Rolls-Royce, GE and Pratt & Whitney, as well as for auxiliary power units, it can serve a wide variety of lubricating needs with a single lubricant. That considerably simplifies maintenance, avoids the costs of duplicate inventories and minimizes risks of incorrect use. 

Thomas Hitchner, technical advisor for aviation and marine lubricants, says 387 is also the most advanced jet engine oil ExxonMobil has created in a century of aviation support. A high-performance capability (HPC) oil, 387 took a decade to develop and test. HPC oils provide a low coking level to ensure engine performance and keep seals and O-rings intact, avoiding leaks and costly maintenance.

Compared with competitive High Thermal Stability (HTS) oils, 387 provides superior deposit control, low-temperature fluidity and enduring compatibility with rubbery elastomers, Hitchner says. “It’s an ideal lubricant to help optimize engine performance, extend component life, reduce unscheduled maintenance and improve operational efficiency.” These qualities are important because IDGs subject lubricants to considerable stress.

The new lubricant was tested for more than two years in different UTAS IDG models. Hitchner says these tests proved, “outstanding component protection and oxidative stability, even under high-temperature operating conditions.”

Compared with HTS oils, 387 can optimize IDG protection by resisting deposit formation, and it has exceptional characteristics such as bulk oil stability, viscosity and control of Total Acid Number (TAN). And more applications may lie ahead. “ExxonMobil continues to collaborate with engine and component builders to find ways to broaden opportunities for Mobil Jet Oil 387 to help extend the life of all critical parts, including IDGs.”

A combination of high performance and wide applicability are exactly the traits many airlines and MROs are looking for in modern lubricants.

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