A330, ATR 42 And 72 Door Problems

EASA issues two proposed airworthiness directives today--both involving door problems during manufacture.

The industry has until Jan. 9 to submit comments to EASA about a proposed airworthiness directive it issued today for certain ATR42s and 72s. The problem is insufficient space between the emergency door internal skin structure and the overhead bin.

EASA had issue an AD about this condition last year but since then, ATR designed a modification to correct this--so EASA is proposing a new AD to supersede that one and require the modification.

The agency also issue a proposed AD for certain Airbus A330s due to chafed wiring at the top of the cockpit door. Investigators discovered the wire bundle wasn't grounded--so Airbus issued a service bulletin to correct the electrical bonding of that door. The problem was that service bulletin contained some errors, which Airbus has corrected, so this lastest EASA proposed AD incorporates those and mandates the installation of bonding leads by the cockpit door.

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