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AAR Investing In Digital Innovations

In advance of MRO Asia-Pacific, AAR’s CCO Chris Jessup talks about digital innovation as an investment theme.

SINGAPORE—An over-arching theme for AAR Corp.’s investments will be digital, says Chris Jessup, the company’s chief commercial officer. One such instance is its recently rolled out Airvolution, a new AAR software or cloud-based solution that takes AAR’s legacy Airinmar offerings around repair management and transitions those services to a digital offering. “We found that a lot of airlines and vendors are looking for a solution around repair management—but maybe want to be less reliant on the consulting approach, where you bring in people and do it for them. Rather, this provides the tools to help customers manage it,” he says.

With Airvolution, customers can use the tool to manage repairs themselves or take a hybrid approach and also use AAR’s Airinmar staff to assist in parts.

AAR started using the system with its internal power-by-the-hour programs to work out the kinks, and it signed a launch customer that it might announce at MRO Europe.

As part of its digital investments, the company is also looking into ways to bring together the big amounts of data it generates from its airframe and component repairs and glean insights, says Jessup.

Its StAAR (Strategic Tools by AAR) application to track each step of a maintenance project and IMOPS (Inventory Management and Order Processing System), along with other AAR systems, will be included. Jessup says the company is working the data together in the next few years.

AAR also plans to expand its PAARTS store, which is an online portal for new parts that generates about $1 million in transactions per month, to include used serviceable material, says Jessup.

He points out that digital is making operations more efficient, and given that AAR, like others, is challenged by technical staff shortages, finding ways to help people do their jobs more effectively is paramount. From automating paperwork to making parts stores digital, these steps help.

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