AAR_Rockford.jpg AAR Corp.

AAR Rockford Is Hiring

After laying off 80 people earlier this summer, AAR is hiring again at its facility in Rockford, Illinois.

AAR Corp.’s facility in Rockford, Illinois, is back in hiring mode after laying off 80 people earlier this summer. The positions include titles such as lead A&P, quality control inspector, avionics technician and A&P technicians.

While the MRO facility still does not have a long-term contract there, which would add stability, it is getting short-term work and has a pipeline for long-term contract leads.

“We need work in order to hire, but we also need the right people to get the work, so it’s a balancing act,” says a company source.

AAR has been able to rehire some of the staff it laid off at Rockford, but others have moved on and have accepted other jobs. “The market is still tight. People aren’t waiting for us to rehire them,” says the source.

AAR opened the 238,000 ft2. Rockford facility designed for widebody maintenance in 2016. The two 10-story hangar bays can accommodate two Boeing 747s, four 787s or one Airbus A38—or eight narrowbody 737s or A320s.

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