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AerFin and SR Technics Expand CFM56 Engine Agreement

Two new variants added to component repair program for the CFM stalwart.

 Swiss MRO SR Technics has agreed a new long-term CFM56 engine component repair contract with aircraft end of life specialist AerFin.

The new agreement has been expanded to include the -5B and -7B variants, adding to the already existing -5C repair contract.

As before, work will be carried out at two SR Technics’ facilities in Zurich and Cork.

James Bennett, director of sales and marketing, AerFin, said:  “This particular agreement will ensure we have a supply of high-quality, cost effective, narrow-bodied engine solutions for our airline customers globally’.

The expanded contract further builds in existing cooperations between the parties.

UK-based AerFin currently has a CFM56-7B engine being torn down by SR Technics in Zurich, before being used to support any material demand for spikes in the maintenance provider’s shop visit activity.

The two parties also joined forces in September 2016, when Philippine Airlines opted to work with them to support the phase out of its existing Airbus A340 aircraft fleet.

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