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AerSale Dives Deeper Into Component Repair

The company says its latest acquisition of component repair specialist Avborne will fill gaps in its existing MRO capability.

AerSale is rounding out its MRO platform with the acquisition of Avborne, which provides specialized repair services covering hydraulics, pneumatics, electronic and landing gear components. While AerSale already has a component repair facility that focuses on structural components such as nacelles and inlet cowls, in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, AerSale says Avborne’s range of repair services fills a gap in its MRO capability.

“As a recognized leader in high-tech component repair development and services, Avborne is the ideal partner for expanding our existing portfolio of high-quality aviation products and MRO services,” says Nicolas Finazzo, AerSale CEO. “We are exhilarated over the added value our customers will enjoy from AerSale’s expanding family of integrated aircraft, engine and component solutions.”

The acquisition will bring Avborne’s 112,000 sq. ft. facility near the Miami International Airport and approximately 100 skilled professionals and technicians into the AerSale family. While these facilities are located close to AerSale’s headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, AerSale COO Basil Barimo doesn’t anticipate any consolidation or interruption to Avborne’s operations.

“Avborne has earned a reputation over the years as a top-quality shop. People associate the Avborne name with high quality, and so we don’t want to disrupt that at all,” says Barimo. “The plan initially is to let Avborne continue to operate as the Avborne brand. They’ll be part of the AerSale family, and over time, people will begin to associate Avborne with AerSale, which is a good thing. But they’ve got a reputation that stands on its own and we expect to continue that.”

Barimo says that the new acquisition will enable repair work that was historically sourced across various MROs to be consolidated into AerSale’s shop, which will give the company better control over work and supporting customers. “Near term, we can certainly add additional volume in there, which is good for the shop, but it is also good for our customers in that they’re going to have more reliable turn times. They’re going to get parts faster, and it helps support the broader services platform AerSale is known for,” says Barimo. 

Although this latest acquisition gives AerSale broad coverage in the component MRO space, Barimo says there are still some gaps that the company will look into filling—whether that be through expanding capabilities at Avborne and the component repair facility in Rio Rancho or through acquisitions. While Barimo adds that there are no imminent acquisitions in the near term, he expects the company to continue expanding its MRO presence through additional acquisition activity and sizable organic development in the future.

In September, AerSale expanded into PMA parts manufacturing at its facility in Roswell, New Mexico, giving the company the ability to manufacture components along with providing installation and testing. Its Rio Rancho component facility—previously known as Aero Mechanical Industries—was rebranded earlier this year as AerSale Component Solutions, which general manager Dean Vitale said reinforces AerSale’s investment in component MRO solutions.

“Our mission is to extract value from mid-life airplanes, and we’ve looked at how we should create a broad platform that allows us to do that,” says Barimo. He says AerSale wants to finish "building out this platform that allows us to really provide a nose-to-tail solution for our customers that extends throughout the second half of an aircraft’s life.”

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