AFI KLM E&M Expands Predictive Maintenance Solution To APUs.jpg AFI KLM E&M

AFI KLM E&M Expands Predictive Maintenance Solution To APUs

Aftermarket provider’s Prognos software already used for engines and aircraft.

AFI KLM E&M will grow coverage of its Prognos predictive maintenance solution by launching a specialist platform for auxiliary power units (APUs).

Announced today (Sept. 13), AFI KLM E&M said the Prognos for APU program will be designed, built and marketed by its Epcor subsidiary, which specializes in APU repair and will utilize big data to monitor performance and predict faults in real time.

Set to launch at the beginning of September, the Prognos for APU software expands on previous incarnations of the solution for engines and aircraft.

“The innovation capabilities implemented in the AFI KLM E&M network, including at EPCOR, are based on our profile as an airline MRO, so that we can adapt as closely as possible to the real needs of our clients,” said Dennis Wetjens, Epcor  managing director.

“With Prognos for APU, Epcor is pitching a competitively differentiating, high value-added solution to the APU maintenance market, to help airlines maintain maximum control over their APU assets and keep them operating for as long as possible for minimum effort.”

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