AIM Gains From Delta Partnership

Cooperation aims to enhance quality of training program and technician graduates.

After researching a number of maintenance-training schools, Delta Air Lines has decided to partner with the Atlanta campus of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) to promote the training of future aircraft mechanics. “With this partnership, the quality of our AMT program and the quality of our graduates will only strengthen,” stresses AIM Campus Executive Director Ben Sitton. “This partnership will benefit our students by gaining Delta as a valuable resource for continuous improvement of the AMT program, along with Delta’s assistance with marketing the program to prospective students.” Sitton says AIM will work with Delta on enhancing the curriculum, while also working with the airline on best practices in instruction.

AIM teaches MRO-related courses in subjects such as hydraulics and pneumatics, turbine and reciprocating engines, landing gear and composites. It also instructs in proper use of tools and documentation, inspection and repair of airframes and powerplants and components and a wide variety of other maintenance tasks.

About 300 students graduate each year, on average, from AIM. Sitton says there has been a steady increase in enrollments in AIM’s AMT programs. However, “even though the numbers are steadily increasing, there will still be a gap in the demand for future AMTs, given the projections.”

A full course including FAA A&P test preparation and exam costs approximately $47,000. “Financial aid is available to those that qualify,” Sitton notes. “The amount varies depending on the individual.”

The FAA A&P exam prep course has an adaptive online portion. This course assesses a student’s competency in all 245 learning objectives and provides content that the student needs to demonstrate mastery for A&P exams. Content is presented through instructional video, auditory readings or hands-on activities. High quality is ensured by using Hollywood actors and graphical designers, high-end audio and visual effects and cutting-edge technology. 

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