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As Airbus Cabin Work Grows, Satair Expands In Hamburg

Aftermarket parts distributor moves to centralize all kitting activities in the German city.

Capacity growth at Satair’s aftermarket kitting facility in Hamburg was driven by an upsurge in demand for Airbus cabin upgrades, says the company’s vice president supply chain.

Tim Bothe says that last month’s opening of a second unit adjacent to the first facility established in 2015 would form the basis for “the further industrialization of kitting activities” by the aftermarket parts distributor. The second unit adds an additional 57,000 square feet of warehousing to the existing 107,600 square feet of the first facility.

Satair hopes to more than double kit delivery performance to 110,000 kits in 2017, while stock picking performance will also grow twofold from one million this year to two million over the next five years. “Proximity to the serial production in Finkenwerder Airport will enable synergies on the side of material availability, supplier integration and logistics overall,” Bothe says.

Satair has consolidated all of its kit marshalling activities in Hamburg, having previously conducted them across multiple European locations.

Bothe says plans are also afoot to grow staff numbers in the German city, but didn’t specify figures. “We are ramping up our staff in the kit management functions. The kit factory’s logistics operation is subcontracted to a third party, and headcount is also being grown in that area.”

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