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Allegiant Air Launches Skywise Health Monitoring

The low-cost carrier implemented Airbus’ latest digital service offering in January and is seeing operational gains.

ATLANTA—Airbus took another step in its digital services journey to provide end-to-end maintenance services by launching Skywise Health Monitoring (SHM), which is designed to enable real-time management of aircraft events and troubleshooting.

Norm Baker, Airbus senior vice president of digital solutions, says SHM, initially launched on the Airbus A320, brings an operational context to maintenance alerts, as well as optimal ways to fix the issues, based on algorithms running in the background. It pulls various maintenance alerts and information, correlates it, and then provides troubleshooting procedures, as well as the maintenance history.

Allegiant Air is the launch customer, following its trial of SHM since January.

Chris Toro, Allegiant Air’s vice president of maintenance and engineering, says the airline switched from using Airbus’ legacy Airman health monitoring service to the Skywise solution because it centralizes a lot of information on one screen and provides efficiency gains.

He cited an example of how the system identified a problematic pneumatic valve, which the maintenance crew replaced overnight. Doing so “turned a potential irregular operation into a planned maintenance event,” Toro said.

To follow up, Allegiant tested the valve, which failed a functional and leak test, despite it being within limits.

Toro says Allegiant has used SHM for about 40 actions since implementing the system three months ago, which has had a positive impact on its completion rate. So far it is using it on two A320s but plans to have it operational on the rest of its A320 fleet by the end of 2020.

Because Allegiant only has its own staff at 16 of its 126 stations, Toro says a tool like SHM helps it perform maintenance where optimal.

Baker says Airbus plans to make SHM available to other models soon.

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