An Amazon For Parts?

Aerobay plans to open new warehouses as its surplus parts business expands.

Aerobay is a young digital platform, similar to an Amazon for aircraft parts, according to CEO Richard Herve. It is moving toward providing even more services as it grows.

“Aerobay is a disruptive Web marketplace,” Herve says. It says it supports a fully integrated sales process, including the part offer, pricing, negotiation over prices and other terms, orders, payment and shipping. And because documentation is so important in part sales, Aerobay gathers and displays documents, including back-to-birth records, on the site, he says.

Part sellers can distribute new parts, or airlines can use Aerobay to sell surplus stock. About 2,000 aerospace companies, mostly buyers, are already using the three-year-old platform. It addresses most aerospace markets--commercial, rotorcraft, business jets and military, and all kind of parts, rotables, cabin parts, airframe parts and consumables. It also includes ground surface equipment for the airports.

Part sellers pay all Aerobay fees and only if they sell parts.

Most part sellers have sold from their own stocks, or consigned stocks to an Aerobay warehouse in Paris. Now, the platform is opening warehouses in Miami, Montreal and Kuala Lumpur. Last year, Aerobay signed a contract with FedEx to ship parts from these warehouses.

The full-service sales platform is managed by a staff of 15, split between IT experts and aerospace specialists.

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