AMES Receives ADS-B Out Approval For Three Boeing Aircraft

The MRO has gained an STC from the FAA for the modifications on 757, 767-200 and 767-300 aircraft.

Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services (AMES) has received supplemental type certification from the FAA to carry out automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) out modifications on Boeing 757, 767-200, and 767-300 aircraft.

The U.S. MRO provider says the move was to meet market demand in the run-up to the FAA’s ADS-B equipage deadline scheduled for January 1, 2020.

AMES will conduct the ADS-B out upgrades across two facilities in Wilmington, Ohio and Tampa, Florida. In addition to the hangar services, it will also carry out work remotely by deploying technicians to work on aircraft at any location.

In a statement released Monday (Sep. 10), AMES said: “This new ADS-B out certification pairs the new ACSS Transponders, which were the first to the market and are already in production, with two Esterline/CMC CMA-5024 SBAS GPS Receivers to provide the position information to the transponders. The CMA-5024 also will prepare the aircraft for the future; LPV and GBAS are upgrades that can be added using the CMA-5024.”

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