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Another Parts Company Branches Out

AerSale ventures into PMA parts manufacturing at its facility in New Mexico.

AerSale, the Miami-based MRO and used parts provider, has stepped into PMA parts manufacturing from a 17,000-sq-ft, FAA-approved facility in Roswell, New Mexico.

AerSale has already developed proprietary fire safety and ADS-B systems – AerSafe and AerTrak, but, even so, the move represents a broadening and integration of the company’s capabilities, as the facility can handle manufacturing and integration work on aircraft.

“Our extensive capabilities expand AerSale’s current MRO offerings to include engineering and design, metal fabrication, wire harness fabrication, marking and ID capabilities, system kitting, and end-product supply logistics management,” says AerSale’s parts manufacturing general manager, Randy Phelps.

The company’s expansion is also indicative of the sustained success that parts providers have enjoyed over the past two decades as airlines have sought to cut costs through more efficient material provision arrangements and an increasing reliance on used serviceable material.

Another catalyst has been low fuel prices, which have allowed older aircraft to stay in service for longer and, in turn, increased demand for spare and replacement parts.

GA Telesis and AJW are other examples of parts providers that have expanded into different areas to create integrated businesses, in those cases, covering new and used parts supply, MRO services and asset management.

At its new facility, AerSale says customers can modernize aircraft with upgrades such as inflight entertainment systems, interior reconfigurations and avionics without having to outsource additional design-build projects.

AerSale also now has the ability to manufacture components and have the installation completed and tested on-site at its Roswell, New Mexico, and Goodyear, Arizona, MRO facilities, in addition to selling kits and having installations conducted off-site.

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