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AOGsmart Launched to Cut Time and Cost of Critical Parts Sourcing

New platform is designed to cut AOG costs by 50% and provide transparency for the sourcing process.

A start-up company went live with a platform designed to facilitate faster solutions to airline AOG (aircraft on ground) incidents, which can cost airlines up to $100,000 per day when an aircraft is stuck on the ground.

With 500,000 AOG incidents each year, airlines can be exposed to $7 million annually in AOG costs, says Frederick Ilouno, managing director AOGsmart, who thinks the AOGsmart platform can reduce that cost by 50% and save airlines 25-30% of AOG downtime.

In testing the platform with TUI airline group’s chart operation, AOGsmart saved the airline half of its AOG downtime. Ilouno says 50 airlines and 270 suppliers have sign up for the digital service that allows airlines to input the AOG location, part number, ATA chapter, condition (new or used serviceable material), part type (OEM, PMA), documentation required, payment terms and shipping requests.

Based on those parameters, algorithms look at the distance and fastest solutions, then AOGsmart displays a group of suppliers that have the available parts by vendor and price—and can deliver it within the desired time. Ilouno says the platform displays suppliers who have the greatest propensity to deliver the part or tooling in the critical time.

“It’s not just about finding the part—it’s about delivering the right part to the right person at the right time with the right documentation,” he says.

A timer counts down the time left to provide the part. AOGs are calculated for eight hours, critical parts for 48-hour clock and non-routines at 72 hours.

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