ap&m Europe’s ‘Meet the Buyers’ sets sights on connecting suppliers and buyers

Life’s all about making connections. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have taken over our everyday life, and it’s all because we love to connect. Well, ap&m Europe knows better than most that face-to-face is what counts, and that’s why ‘Meet The Buyers’ is such an important platform for many.

Around 100 buyers are set to arrive in London for ’Meet the Buyers’ on 1 June and while the full list will be released ahead of time, current confirmed attendees include BMI Regional, Eurowings, Qatar Airways and British Airways. They’re here to meet the suppliers, both new and existing, to talk big money contracts.

Time for the bad news – you can only get involved in ‘Meet the Buyers’ if you’re an exhibitor, but once signed up, exhibitors can organise a maximum of ten meeting slots, depending on the size of the booth, and the rest is organised for you, ensuring the pre-vetted buyer is ready and waiting.

Over 1,500 meetings are organised each year at the event, with 79% of buyers doing business as a direct result of their meetings in 2015. Where else do you get the chance to meet so many allusive, big names all under one roof?

“We got to meet someone who would have been a lot more difficult to get hold of without ‘Meet the Buyers’,” explains Mark Crisp, Director of Aerospace at Chemical Supplies, and Graham Higgins – Technical Director at Airline Component Services – agrees. “You’re meeting buyers that you’ll never get the chance to meet, maybe over a 12 month period but certainly not in one day!”

That’s the suppliers, but what about the all-important buyers? “I got a lot of good contacts, and many of them will now become approved suppliers”, Sergey Khromov, Deputy Director of the Procurement Department at Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, told us after last year’s event.

Say what you want about social media and the modern means of communication – we think you can’t beat good old-fashioned face to face conversations, and when it comes to the aviation aftermarket, nowhere offers the same opportunities as ap&m Europe’s ‘Meet the Buyers’.

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