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ATR Steps up Presence on African Safety Scene

Turboprop maker is looking to strengthen flight safety awareness and accident prevention activities in the continent.

European turboprop manufacturer ATR has agreed to partner with non-profit organization AviAssist to strengthen flight safety awareness and accident prevention activities in Africa.

The AviAssist Foundation provides impartial, expert safety guidance and resources for the continent’s aviation industry. It operates mainly in the 25 nations that make up ICAO’s East and Southern Africa region.

Africa has considerably improved its air safety record in recent years, although some nations still lag behind international norms.

AviAssist collaborates with ICAO, safety support providers and other stakeholders to promote safety messages on the continent through channels such as training courses, social media and a safety promotion magazine. Additionally, its Safety in African Aviation Conference provides what the organization describes as Africa's only neutral ground for competitors and regulators to meet and address safety issues.

ATR has participated in the annual conference since 2015.

“As the leader in the regional aviation market, it is essential for ATR to share its expertise to improve flight safety in the regions we serve,” ATR’s flight safety officer, Christopher McGregor, said at the signing of the agreement in Toulouse Feb. 27.

“ATR recognises the success of AviAssist in driving safety improvement. We look forward to further strengthening the existing co-operation through training and dedicated safety promotion activities for regional operations.”

“This partnership enables us to empower ever more safety champions throughout Africa to support the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM),” AviAssist’s director, Tom Kok, said. SAATM aims to liberalize air transport in the continent and increase intra-African connectivity.

Kok added that ATR’s safety expertise and funding would help the foundation’s work, notably the network of AviAssist Safety Promotion Centres.

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