Automated Inspection Tools For MRO

New automated MRO tools make the inspection process faster and more efficient.

1. Automated Wheel Eddy Current Inspection

Company: Rohmann 
Product: EloWheel 1000

Specifications: Rohmann LP’s automated aircraft wheel eddy current inspection system, EloWheel 1000, now has the Elotest IS500 in-line eddy current instrument and full touchscreen operator interface. Workers are able to inspect tube walls and bead seats in 30 sec. to 1 min. for wheels up to 1,000 mm dia. Digital inspection results can be stored and printed for reference.

Link #1292

  2. Weighing Aircraft

Company: General Electrodynamics
Product: AN60-6 Platform Weighing System

Specifications: General Electrodynamics Corp. (GEC) has created a lightweight, low-profile, portable aircraft-weighing system, the AN60-6 Platform. The system is able to weigh narrowbodies like the Boeing 737 as well as widebodies such as the Airbus A380. The AN60-6 Platform is 2.25-in. high, half the height of most scales of the same capacity. The low-profile system, combined with its lightweight accessories, eliminates the need for long approaches to the weighing area. Customers can also add GEC extra features including a wireless Windows tablet and weighing software.

Link #1293

3. Handheld Alloy Analyzer

Company: Rigaku
Product: KT-100 Katana

Specifications: Rigaku creates a rugged handheld technology for rapid alloy identification. The laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy identifies elemental composition for both heavy and light elements in metals. The analyzer integrates proprietary laser ablation and detection technology, providing precision, accuracy and repeatability for positive material identification. Katana returns analysis results within seconds, enabling manufacturers to verify a metal’s composition. Small and light, IP-54-rated, featuring a contoured handle, tilt screen for easy viewing in any light, trigger-activated handle and quick-launch buttons, the KT-100 minimizes user fatigue. The battery provides over 6 hr. of continuous use.

Link #1294

4. Mobile Videoscope System

Company: Karl Storz Industrial
Product: MoVeo

Specifications: MoVeo is a new portable videoscope system exclusively from Karl Storz Industrial. It is a lightweight handheld visualization and video documentation system. The user interface enables the investigator to browse through MoVeo’s controls using an integrated 5-in., full-color LCD display. Lithium-ion powered with an integrated high-power LED light source, MoVeo is a self-contained visual inspection tool that can be used remotely for up to 3 hr. Features include archiving and playback of video recording or captured image files. Text annotation can be applied to image files and a comparative measurement function enables straightforward analysis during inspection processes.

Link #1296 

5. Inspecting Aircraft Tires

Company: Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Product: Tire Pressure and Brake Temperature Monitoring System

Specifications: The tire-and-brake monitoring system from Crane Aerospace & Electronics provides continuous real-time monitoring of aircraft tire pressure and brake temperature as an option on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Tire pressure is captured through passive sensors that communicate via wireless SmartStem sensor technology and in-axle equipment. Brake temperature is measured by a thermocouple mounted in the brake structure. Both sets of data are sent to the tire-brake-monitoring unit (TBMU) for processing. The TBMU continuously monitors and displays both brake health and tire pressure in the flight deck for easy real-time monitoring. Crane also provides several other options for tire pressure and brake temperature monitoring for the 737 MAX.

Link #087

6. Reverse Engineering of Complex Precision Tooling

Company: QC Group
Product: 3-D Scanning Services

Specifications: QC Group specializes in the reverse engineering of complex precision tooling and product geometries. The company captures an artifact’s precise dimensional data—whether microscopic or large, new or vintage. From there, the company is able to produce CAD models that are an accurate representation of the original. This is accomplished through high-precision scanning technologies, tooling and manufacturing process knowledge, complex modeling capabilities, precision surfacing expertise, computer-aided verification and peer review of every project at completion.

Link #1295

7. In-Circuit and Functional Test-Flying Prober

Company: Seica
Product: Pilot  V8

Specifications: The Pilot 4D V8 is Seica’s premier in-circuit and functional test-flying prober. It has eight electrical probes and the ability to reverse-engineer any type of circuit board or line-replaceable unit. The V8 also comes with a full suite of tools to help diagnose boards or assemblies returning from the field for repair.  Seica’s flying probe has the ability to pierce the robust coatings and allow the user to test field returns without having to strip the boards of conformal coatings.

Link #966

8. 3-D Laser Scanner Surface Inspection

Company: Barfield
Product: Creaform HandySCAN 3-D laser

Specifications: Barfield, a subsidiary of AFI KLM E&M, offers Creaform HandySCAN 3-D laser scanner solutions for aerospace applications. This portable tool is used for damage assessment and surface inspection such as hailstone strike assessment, RVSM skin mapping, dent and buckle inspections, and other mechanical damage assessment to fuselage, wings, landing gear, and engines. Inspection time can be cut from 4-5 hr. per square meter to just 15 min., shortening inspections by up to 80%.

Link #1087

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