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AvAir Eyes Growth Under New Management Structure

The Arizona-headquartered parts specialist sees its asset management business as a path to trebling its staff count.

Part-distributor and asset-manager AvAir’s recent management buy-out should free it for more rapid growth and perhaps some diversification. CEO Mike Bianco says the company’s past growth has been limited by its access to capital. “Simply put, our new structure removes that gate,” Bianco argues. “This will allow us to look for opportunities not only in our immediate space, but neighboring spaces as well.”

Bianco regards AvAir as a solutions provider for the aviation aftermarket, not just a parts supplier. “Keeping our customers and vendors happy is our top priority. I believe we do this better than anyone in the industry, and that it what sets us apart.”

On the potential directions of growth, the AvAir exec says only that he is currently seeing tremendous growth in his asset-management programs. “With 2,400 customers in 118 countries, asset owners see real value in working with us. We’ve spent the past 19 years building these relationships by delivering what is promised.”

But his plans for the magnitude of growth are clear and substantial. AvAir has 70 employees, and Bianco plans to triple this headcount in the next five years. He believes there is plenty of room for growth, with MRO spending expected to hit $116 billion by 2029. “They’re going to need a lot of parts.”

AvAir distributes both new and used parts, but no PMA parts.

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