Avianca And Byogy Develop Full Biofuel Replacement

Avianca Brasil and Byogy Renewables have launched an initiative to develop the world's first biofuel that does not require blending with a traditional fuel. The pair suggests that Byogy's proprietary ATJ process produces biofuel that is in some ways "better than jet fuel produced from oil”. Byogy Renewables has developed a platform that converts any source of ethanol, butanol, mixed alcohols, or related olefins, into full replacement biofuels. Its CEO, Kevin Weiss, said: "At some point, we will wake up from this ethanol hangover and realise that it is more important to use alcohols to produce full replacement renewable aviation fuels than it is to push higher blends of alcohols into infrastructure that cannot support it. This is probably the most significant initiative in the aviation industry as it demonstrates the evolution to a full replacement, high-quality renewable aviation fuel." Byogy will first develop a biofuel blend before increasing the biofuel content to 100 per cent under tests. It is yet to be approved.

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