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Aviotek Is Small But Growing Steadily

Instrument shop expands in home continent along with growth in emerging markets.

Serving global MRO markets for nearly two decades, Aviotek is still a modestly-sized instruments and accessories shop, but it is growing steadily. “We have grown exponentially in our European market through strategic partnerships in past years,” notes Quality Inspector Steven Ontaneda. “We have begun to work in the emerging Asian and African markets that have shown themselves to be powerhouses of aviation MRO.” And the firm continues to seek an expand footprint in the U.S., the largest MRO market that will always be its main focus.

Based near Fort Lauderdale, Aviotek currently employs 20 people and plans to add two to four technicians a year to steadily and sustainably grow production. “We have seen steady growth during this current fiscal year and reinvested in technicians, research and development,” Ontaneda says. .

The firm has added capabilities for many components at the request of its customers over the past six months. These include pneumatic, electromechanical and instrument components. It is now adding a hydraulic shop that is expected to come online by summer of 2017.

Aviotek develops all its test equipment in-house with a fully dedicated engineering department and machine shop. Ontaneda says all Aviotek test equipment uses the latest technology and in-house programming of electronic controls. “These controls are the same as the ones used in robotic manufacturing.” This enables a high degree of control and data gathering so Aviotek can precisely inspect, troubleshoot and repair customer equipment.

The company focuses on Boeing and Airbus models. It aims for Total Quality Management through technology and industrial know-how. “We currently have a 0.6% warranty rate since 2014,” Ontaneda notes.

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