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BAE Revises Maintenance Program For CFM56-7B Engine Controls

BAE seeks better reliability, extended life for engines.

With older aircraft and engines flying longer, new maintenance methods may be necessary to maintain top performance. BAE Systems recently launched a new MRO program for the CFM56-7B FADEC III engine controls on Boeing 737NGs. “As part of this proactive approach, we’re inspecting components for hidden wear and damage, upgrading main channel boards to the most current configuration, replacing higher failure rate components and critical hardware and repairing subassemblies,” explains Brent Myers, director for customer services and support. “Our goal is to mitigate the risk of failure to the engine electronic controller and reduce the mean time between failures.”

A full authority digital engine control (FADEC) constantly monitors and automatically adjusts an aircraft’s engine performance and related criteria throughout each flight. BAE is thus seeking to keep engine controls running at a high level of performance for reliability, efficiency and safety. It focused on the 737NG FADEC due to the NG’s length of service and harsh environments that engine controls have endured in that time. BAE believes the new MRO program will ultimately extend the life of engines and aircraft. The OEM is also extending the warranty to three years and ensuring no additional short-term maintenance costs will be needed.

The new BAE program applies only to older configurations of the CFM56-7B’s FADEC III engine controls. To benefit from it, airlines need to approve the revised overhaul work scopes as they return equipment to FADEC International for maintenance by BAE Systems in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, or SAFRAN Electronics and Defense, in Massy, France.

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