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Boeing Expands Exchange Program For Nacelles, Flight-Control Surfaces

Boeing has expanded its parts exchange program to include nacelles and flight-control surfaces. Unveiled today (Feb. 8) at Aviation Week Network's MRO Middle East, the airframe manufacturer says the program was launched due to customer demand for increased flexibility in its exchange offering and will cover thrust reversers, fan cowls, spoilers, rudders and radomes.

“The idea is that if an operator has flight controls or parts that are up for scheduled maintenance or have been damaged unexpectedly, rather than them buying or leasing a part, enrollment in the program will give them access to an exchanged part modified to the latest airworthiness standards,” explains David Longridge, vice president, sales and marketing of Boeing’s Commercial Aviation Services division. “Boeing will take the customer’s part and then repair it and put it back in a new component pool.”

Longridge predicts that the exchange methodology would continue to grow in scale, having identified a market opportunity. “Our material management group saw a pattern in the way customers were requesting these parts in terms of schedule and maintenance,” Longridge says. “Based on the data we have from our in-service aircraft and based on what people need for routine maintenance, we feel it’s potentially a big market.”

According to Longridge, Boeing plans to begin talking with prospective customers immediately.

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