Boeing Faces $2.75m Fine Over 777 Parts

Boeing is facing a $2.75m fine from the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over allegedly failing to maintain the safety of its 777 fleet. In September 2008, Boeing realised it had used non-conforming fasteners on its 777s. The following month, the FAA requested that within 20 working days Boeing send a response to its investigation into the matter. The DOT claims Boeing has repeatedly failed to meet objectives and missed deadlines resulting from the investigation, finally setting a plan to address the problem two years later in November 2010. “Manufacturers must make it a priority to identify and correct quality problems in a timely manner,” said the FAA’s administrator, Michael Huerta. Although Boeing has stopped using the fasteners, the aircraft faced “underlying manufacturing issues” as a result of their use, the FAA said.

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