Boeing Foresees More MRO Partnerships

OEM will look to work with MROs as it plots growth in aftermarket presence, panel at MRO Asia-Pacific hears.

Teaming up with smaller MROs is something Boeing remains open to in future as it looks to expand its aftermarket presence, says David Longridge, the OEM’s VP services sales in its commercial division.

Speaking at MRO Asia-Pacific in Singapore on Nov. 1, Longridge says while Boeing has a lofty revenue target of $50 billion over the next decade for its Boeing Global Services unit, it doesn’t  see itself as becoming a “giant MRO.”

“We need help around the world for our airline customers to actually implement the work we are planning so we use MROs around the world to achieve this and will continue to do so,” he says.

“I don’t see us growing and adding 15,000 people to turn wrenches across the world. We are still going to need to work with smaller MROs because when servicing the global fleet, hangars are needed everywhere and we’ll need all the help we can get."

He estimates Boeing has around 7% of the global aftermarket, noting that its approach to this won’t mirror that of its aircraft sales which number 50% to 60% of the global fleet.

“I would advocate that there is plenty of room for everyone,” he says of the wider aftermarket.

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