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Boom Time For GA Telesis Maintenance

MRO Services division formed last year is already seeing strong growth.

Florida-based GA Telesis (GAT) was originally known mainly for parts supply, but like several other players in the aftermarket it has broadened its service offering.

Nowadays its business is split fairly evenly between parts, asset management and maintenance, with CEO Abdol Moabery telling Aviation Week last year that he expected most growth in GAT’s financial and MRO operations.

To cater for increased demand, GAT formed its MRO Services division in the second half of 2017. Its goals were to streamline the decision-making process, nurture lean MRO operations and create a single customer interface.

It seems to have been a success, as GAT’s MRO division has just reported 25% growth in revenue for the first half of the year. Furthermore, it has done so while protecting its margins, as GAT’s operating profit from maintenance work has nearly doubled since MRO Services was formed.

This should be good news for the rest of GAT’s business, as Moabery explained last year: “All of our businesses are integrated so they all sort of rely on another and packaged up with the customers. So when one part our business grows the others tend to too.”

Located in a 65,000sq-ft facility Miami International Airport in Florida, MRO Services focuses on component repair and overhaul. Like dedicated MRO providers, GAT’s maintenance products work either on a time-and-materials basis or at a dollar-per-flight-hour rate.

And like many other MRO providers, GAT sees partnerships with OEMs as the best way to stay competitive in an evolving aftermarket.

In January it agreed a long-term repair and overhaul and parts supply agreement with Honeywell.  Products covered by the deal include electro-mechanical, pneumatic and mechanical components for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft.

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