Breaking Down Aircraft Recycling

A behind the scenes look at how aircraft are taken apart and their raw materials are recycled into the aviation industry.

More than 11,000 aircraft retirements are expected over the next decade, according to Aviation Week Network’s 2019 Commercial Fleet & MRO Forecast, but what will become of aircraft that reach the end of the line? There is plenty of value to be extracted from a retired aircraft, ranging from intact engines to raw metals and alloys.

According to aircraft disassembly specialist eCube Solutions, more than 90% of an aircraft’s components can be reused or recycled, and a recent report from Research and Markets forecasts that the market for salvaged aircraft components is expected to surpass $3 billion in 2027. Read on as Aviation Week takes a look inside everything happens between an aircraft being selected for disassembly and its raw components being recycled.

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