LEAP Engine Rhinestahl CTS

Broadening Brazilian LEAP Capabilities

Rhinestahl CTS sets up local engine tooling supply chain for GE Celma as the Brazilian MRO ramps up LEAP capabilities.

Rhinestahl CTS has established a custom supply chain solution in Brazil to help GE Celma meet its growing tooling needs for CFM LEAP engines.

“High quality tooling and accurate lead times are critical for our MRO operations, and Rhinestahl CTS met these important requirements through ‘thinking out of the box’ and establishing a local supply chain to ensure our performance demands were successfully met,” explains Rafael Aymone, overhaul leader at GE Celma.

The process entailed Rhinestahl CTS identifying and qualifying two local manufacturers to produce LEAP engine tooling to its exact specifications, lead times and quality standards.

According to the company, it “employs a strict 18-month supplier certification process” in qualifying companies for its supply chain operations and those that receive certification need to maintain “superior performance metrics” to continue their relationship within Rhinestahl CTS’ supply chain network. The two manufacturing companies, which Rhinestahl CTS is not naming at this time, will now be a part of the engine tooling specialist’s worldwide supply chain.

In addition to its work with GE Celma, a representative for Rhinestahl CTS says the company has multiple airline customers in Latin America and it has been expanding its global footprint to meet growing customer demand. This year the company has focused on adding to its global supply chain and growing its regional support centers. Rhinestahl CTS’ recent growth includes an expansion of its operations center in Dubai, increased staff at its Singapore operations center and the opening of a new operations center in Derby, UK.

GE Celma recently began implementing LEAP overhauls and is aiming for full overhaul capability in 2020. The company opened its Tres Rios test cell in October 2018, which is one of the largest aeronautical engine testing facilities in South America. Although the test cell’s initial deployment is for GEnx testing, the company says it is likely to add LEAP engines by the end of 2020 along with the CFM56 and CF6.

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