Business Class Comfort For Crews

Blue Panorama Airlines and Meridiana have both ordered derivatives of Aviointeriors’ Andromeda business-class seats to be used as crew-rest seats on their Boeing 767s.

Henry Canaday, Washington

The Andromeda seats will comply with Flight Duty Period regulations that define acceptable Class 2 rest facilities. The regulations require crew-rest seats that recline at least 45 degrees, have a pitch of at least 55 inches and a seat width of at least 20 inches. In addition, rest seats must provide leg and foot support.

Aviointeriors Senior Vice President Jeffrey Forsbrey says he is not sure whether the airlines or an approved modification shop will install the seats, but the retrofit should be brief in either case. “Normally, this modification will be done during an overnight maintenance visit.”

At present, about 100 aircraft have Andromeda seats in business class, including a few orders that will be fulfilled in the near future. Forsbrey estimates it takes only 15 minutes to install each business seat, with some variation depending on the complexity of cabin design. The seats can be installed by airlines, airframe manufacturers or maintenance shops, and Aviointeriors provides technical support when needed

The Andromeda is an older design. It is mechanically driven, and it is a rugged and reliable seat, Forsbrey stresses. The main advantage of Andromeda for both business-class and crew-rest seating is comfort. In business class, Andromeda reclines six to ten inches, and for crew rest it reclines up to 45 degrees. Both versions have leg and foot rests.

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