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CAAC Approves GATES For CFM56, CF6 Engines

Certification from Chinese regulator adds to approvals of GE Telesis's engine arm.

GA Telesis Engine Services (GATES) has received certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China Aviation (CAAC) to overhaul CFM56-5B/7B and CF6-80C2B engines in the country.

As part of moves to grow its Chinese customer base, GATES said the CAAC certification will give it access to a large MRO market comprised of thousands of the CFM International engine types.

The CAAC approval adds to GATES’s growing list of certifications, which include approvals from EASA, the FAA, the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia (GACA).

The announcement comes three years after GA Telesis formed GA Innovation China, its joint venture with with Air China.

“Over the past two years we have had a significant number of GA Telesis’ customers ask us to support their engine maintenance needs,” said Basil Papayoti, President of GATES. “This milestone approval opens our doors to the thousands of CFM56 and CF6-80C2 engines that are operating in China,” he added.

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