Cabin Inspection App Adding Functionality for New Components, Aircraft Types

Technicians will soon be able to identify and report defects on galleys, toilets and cabin crew seats—and potentially even cargo components—using AFI KLM E&M’s Air’Int software.

AFI KLM E&M’s Air’Int aircraft cabin inspection software is adding capability for identifying defects on new component and aircraft types starting in May. The software’s Cabin App application will soon cover galleys, toilets and cabin crew seats as well as Airbus family aircraft.

Cabin App was initially rolled out for Boeing 777 and 737 passenger seats in late 2016 and added functionality for 787 seats in February 2018. According to Louis Petit-Faisandier, Air’Int project manager at AFI KLM E&M, the software has significantly reduced the MRO’s inspection times and part number errors.

“Take a 777 Eco Cabin as our example. Before Cabin App came out, a cabin inspection used to require two mechanics for an entire shift,” explains Petit-Faisandier. “With Cabin App, that task now takes just two hours, and possible part number errors at ordering level have been drastically reduced, if not abolished altogether.”

The software, which runs on a mobile tablet, enables technicians conducting inspections to work more efficiently by having access to a 3D model of the cabin and relevant technical documentation. Technicians are able to choose specific seats where defects have been identified, click on a seat area—such as an armrest—and find the correct part number and component maintenance manual links. A supply request for the part number is automatically forwarded to the store, which a representative for AFI KLM E&M says avoids potential for identification mistakes during part ordering.

After defects have been identified within Cabin App, they are shown in a different color on the application’s 3D model of the cabin. AFI KLM E&M has connected Cabin App to the Maintenix software it uses so defects can be automatically reported, which the company says creates significant time savings. AFI KLM E&M currently uses the application at Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly and Amsterdam Schiphol Airports and will soon be rolling it out at Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

In addition to functionality for new cabin component types, AFI KLM E&M is looking into a new version of the app for cargo hold components, such as locks and power drive units. The company is conducting a proof of concept (POC) test for “Cargo App” on two Boeing 777F aircraft to determine its effectiveness. It says the new application will likely operate on a similar principle to Cabin App before being applied across the board. The Cargo App POC is expected to be completed by July.

Air’Int is offered as a software as a service solution with a monthly subscription fee per aircraft, which AFI KLM E&M says varies depending on total size of fleet and total quantity of technical documents to be integrated within the software. A representative for the company says other undisclosed airlines, MROs and OEMs are currently using Air’Int to “realize and facilitate their maintenance activities.”

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