CALM Partners With Innovative For Predictive Maintenance

Software vendor enlists start-up to target operator cost reductions.

Three-decade-old MRO software vendor CALM Systems will partner with a young, promising start-up to help operators cut costs with smarter maintenance and inventory programs.

CALM has specialized in software for tracking rotables, inspections and service bulletins, for reliability reporting, for budget and maintenance planning, inventory management and handing work and purchase orders. CEO Errol Friedman says the firm has not introduced any new modules or functions in the last six months. But it has secured several new customers in North America, Europe and South America. These have included regional and charter airlines as well as diverse helicopter operators.

CALM Aviation Maintenance software solutions are generic with regard to aircraft and engine models,” Friedman explains. “Our software is utilized by customers who operate diverse aircraft or fleets of any aircraft make or model, from single-engine pistons through heavy Boeing and Airbus equipment.”

Friedman anticipate significant market growth in the near future, especially in Asia-Pacific, Europe and South/Central America/Caribbean.

The big change will be a partnership with a start-up, Innovative Binaries, to develop a dynamic software solution for aircraft and engine optimization, followed by predictive analysis and health monitoring services for aircraft nose-to-tail. “This Artificial Intelligence solution will provide the quickest way for operators to leverage benefits from their aircraft sensor data,” Friedman says. “Additional services will include predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, fuel optimization and predictive accelerated failure detection, all leading to improved safety and significantly reduced operating costs.”

The CALM exec expects that the partners will be able to begin rolling out solutions in six to 12 months. He thinks these solutions can improve upon or add to predictive software offered by OEMs because “the offering is holistic, integrated, and uses modem data science technologies focused on aircraft operations of varying sizes.”

CALM is not the only company that believes in Innovative’s potential. The young firm was recently one of seven start-ups selected out of 137 applicants by Airbus for its BizLabs program.

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