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“Collaborative Effort” Needed To Address Technician Shortage

The commercial aviation sector needs to cooperate more closely in order to address the industry's technician shortfall, a panel discussion heard at MRO Middle East today (February 8).

Speaking during the Leadership Panel session in Dubai, Cemil Sayer, technical director at Turkish low-cost carrier SunExpress, said: “A collaborative effort between authorities, aviation schools, MROs and maybe even an organization like IATA leading such projects could help create a synergy for companies to attracting new talent. Better training and human resource strategies are required.”

Sayer said that like with the majority of the world, the skills shortage poses a problem for all airlines in the Middle Eastern region. “For the Middle East, a shortage of skilled labour is a bottleneck for MRO growth.

The profession also suffers from not being viewed as attractive as it was ten years ago for young people.” Sayer also believes that in Turkey, MRO technicians face greater difficulties than pilots in the process of becoming qualified engineers. “This is because a new technician needs two years’ experience in an organization to become authorized for maintenance tasks,” he said.

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