Composite Tools And Techniques

Upgraded or new tools and materials are dedicated to MRO composite work.

1. Non-Destructive Inspection

Company: GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

Product: Bondtracer

Specifications: Although there are many benefits to using composite design, one downside is that it can be difficult to detect damage by visual inspection alone. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies worked with Boeing to develop a composite inspection solution. If collisions with baggage loaders and other vehicles occur, the Bondtracer allows  airport crews to quickly evaluate damage to composite aircraft structures. With this tool, mechanics are able to determine if the airliner can continue to fly or if maintenance is required before its next flight.

LINK# 1203


2. Ultrasonic Transducer

Company: Olympus

Product: 35RDC

Specifications: The handheld 35RDC from Olympus is designed to detect subsurface defects on aircraft composite structures. This go/no-go ultrasonic gauge finds impact damage on solid laminate composite aircraft structures and features a backlit LCD that displays whether the surface is “good” or “bad.” The tool uses an ultrasonic transducer with a one-button calibration. Weighing 0.24 kg (8.5 oz.), the gadget uses AA batteries with a battery life indicator (typically 150 hr.) and an energy-saving automatic power-off feature.

LINK# 457


3. Imaging System

Company: Imperium

Product: Acoustocam

Specifications: Imperium developed an ultrasound technology that helps inspect aircraft noninvasively in real time. The Acoustocam Imaging System generates current video images with real-time C‑ and A-scan technology. Users place ultrasound gel on the area of investigation then move the AcoustoCam probe to that area to begin imaging. Boeing includes the Imperium device’s ultrasonic imaging procedure for inspecting carbon-fiber-composite airframes in its non-destructive testing manual for 787 aircraft.

LINK# 131


4. On-Site Composite and Sheet Metal Services

Company: Delta TechOps

Product: Composite Repair Facility

Specifications: Delta TechOps offers an advanced aircraft composite maintenance and repair services. The facility provides on-site engineering support, aircraft-on-ground (AOG) event assistance and customized programs to fit company needs. The current composite and sheet-metal capabilities include flight controls, nacelles, gear doors, and fan and inlet cowls.

LINK# 092


5. Rapid Damage Detection Device

Company: Aerotecs

Product: RD³ Electronic Digital Tap Hammer

Specifications: Aerotecs’ RD³ electronic digital tap hammer detects voids, degradation and delamination in composite structures. It is a handheld, non-destructive inspection instrument that offers a numeric readout of delaminations in the structure. The lightweight hammer contains an accelerometer connected by a cable to a handheld module with digital logic components. The tool helps locate and measure damage on composite and metallic aircraft structure, and monitors matrix degradation, delaminations and disbands.

LINK# 1204


6. Inspection and Repair of Advanced Composites

Company: Ascent Aviation

Product: Composite Repair and Modification

Specifications: Ascent Aviation specializes in inspection, repair and modification of advanced composite and bonded structures on aircraft. Its process for inspection includes non-destructive testing, hot and cold bond repairs and wet lay-ups at room temperature cure. Services include modifications and repairs on flight-control structures, nacelles, fans, nose cowls, fuselage panels, fairings, gear doors, interior components and floorboards.

LINK# 248


7. Manufacturing Composites

Company: D-J Engineering

Product: Composites Facility

Specifications: D-J Engineering composites facility is located in Augusta, Kansas, and supports audits, verification and qualification requirements. It is equipped with an inert gas 7 X 24-ft. autoclave that is capable of processing composite assemblies up to 120 psi at 400F. Another feature of this facility is its positive pressure 80 X 45-ft. clean room that features internal cold storage and computer numerical control (CNC) ply-cutting facilities.

LINK# 1205

8. Composite Parts Creation

Company: Lee Aerospace

Product: Composite Manufacturing

Specifications: In a 40,000-sq.-ft. facility, Lee Aerospace manufactures aircraft composite production parts and tools. The parts are created using autoclave, oven-cured prepreg or wet lay-up materials. Using Nomex, fiberglass and aluminum honeycomb core, the company produces solid laminate composite parts and composite sandwich structures. Lee Aerospace is able to build composite parts using existing designs, modified designs, or a composite tooling solution. The company is Nadcap and ISO 9001 certified.

LINK# 1206


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