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Coopesa Explores IT Renewal Options

Costa Rican MRO’s ramp up included the opening of a new aircraft bay in last month.

Coopesa says it is evaluating its IT systems with the goal of updating them across its operations in Costa Rica.

Roldolfo Solis, the Costa Rican MRO’s marketing and sales director, told that the company is currently evaluating options software options for a full renewal of its IT systems but any timeframe for the project is yet to be determined. “It [technology] is a great instrument that will help us to be more competitive in the market,” Solis says.

The company is also growing its capabilities and capacity at Juan Santamaria International Airport, with an additional hangar for the seventh narrow-body bay inaugurated in late-July 2017 with capabilities for painting across Airbus A320s, Boeing 737 and 757 variants and Embraer 190 aircraft.

Earlier this year, Coopesa revealed it plans to increase its staff by about 10% in the next five years from its current number of 625, while also targeting moving to a new headquarters at its current base at Juan Santamaria within the next two years.

Also on the agenda is further expansion strategies in the form of potential partnerships, Solis says. “The world trend is in integration, and we want to approach this with other players on the market and evaluate future opportunities,” he adds.

Solis says Coopesa is also open to opportunities with an OEM service division, but first, intends to analyze the best options.

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